Anchor Hocking has been in the glass-making business since 1905, and this experience shows especially in their bakeware products. It is an American company with excellent workmanship on glassware for baking, storage, serving, and even drinking. It is why this 15-piece mixed collection of glass baking dishes is such a welcome in any kitchen.

Whether you want to increase your accessories or need a starter pack, the Anchor Hocking Oven Basics Glass Baking Dishes, Mixed, 15-piece set does cover all the essentials. All items present are crucial during baking, and this attention to detail is a nice touch.

Anchor Hocking Oven Basics Glass Baking Dishes, Mixed, 15-piece

The 15 items in this collection are;

· One 2-quart baker

· One 1.5-quart casserole dish

· One glass cover for the above casserole dish

· One 1.5-quart loaf dish

· One 1-quart mixing bowl

· One 9-inch pie dish

· One 8-ounce measuring cup

· Four 6-ounce custard cups

· Four plastic lids four the above cups

This oven basics glassware baking set comes with all the best advantages of glassware for cooking. The company uses tempered soda-lime-silicate glass. This material gives it durability, and you can use the items for a far longer time without damage. The glasses are also thick enough to withstand heavy use and rough treatment.

The construction of the Anchor Hocking glass makes it safe to use in electric and gas ovens for up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. There is no browning element, and cleaning is simple since the glass items are dishwasher safe and do not stain from food. The plastic lids are also BPA-free and safe to wash on the top rack of a dishwasher.

Anchor Hocking glassware is also safe for your health as it contains no BPA, nor does it absorb odors from the food. Unlike metal and plastic items, you are also at no risk of harmful material leeching from the container to your food. You preserve the excellent taste of your cooking and can keep it warm during serving because of the lids. You will also enjoy the versatile aspect of the dishes since you can bake, serve, and store food in the same containers. The clear sides mean keeping track of the food inside is not a problem.

The manufacturer does provide some care and safety warnings you should follow. First, you should not subject the glasses to sudden temperature changes as this will cause the glass to crack. Secondly, these items are not designed to be used on a direct flame-like stovetop or a pressure cooker. It is also not good for a grill, a toaster oven, or in a broiler due to the risk of explosion.