Camp Fire Cooking Spoon. 22 inch Bamboo Extra Strong (2)
  • Our All Natural Bamboo Cooking Utensils are made from 100% solid Bamboo that we promise will be terrific for all your campfire cooking needs and serving needs.
  • Extra-large design makes it ideal for mixing, stirring and serving anything from chili to beans and stews. GREAT for campfire cooking and home canning solutions.
  • Bamboo is naturally stronger and more durable than regular wood and also is moisture & bacteria resistant so you can be sure our 22″ spoon will last long without swelling or cracking. Easy to clean, Just use lukewarm water and soap and self dry!
  • Crafted With 100% Natural Organic FDA Approved Eco-Friendly Solid Bamboo!
  • Bamboo is extra strong and will last a lifetime of heavy use. This bamboo cooking spoon is 22 inches in length. Great length for hot campfire cooking.
Camp Fire Cooking Spoon. 22 inch Bamboo Extra Strong (2)

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Bamboo is a tightly grained and bamboo utensils remain smooth and intact for a long, long time, whereas regular wooden spoons can start to fray around the edges fairly quickly. Bamboo is heat resistant so it stands up to high temperatures, especially from a stock pot, dutch oven and campfire cooking. It won’t soften like other wood utensils and is resistant to stains, heat and steam damage. No stain or paint used…chemical free! This spoon is crafted from natural bamboo for an ideal combination of strength and moderate weight. The 22-inch length keeps hands comfortably far from heat without sacrificing control and the material is moisture-resistant. The spoon has been crafted to create a rich, smooth finish.