The term gourmet means a person who appreciates and is knowledgeable in good food and drink. Derived from the French word “groumet” i.e. a valet that was in charge of the wines, it implies a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment, especially fine food and drink. In early 1969, the line of gourmet cookware was introduced in the markets. Most of the products were hand-painted (handmade) or homemade.

No gourmet’s kitchen is complete without a set of gourmet cookware. When it comes to gourmet cookware for your kitchen, you have lots of choices. The most important tool to have is a chef’s knife. A high-quality chef’s knife can cost up to $75. Next you will need a cutting board. Like cookware, there are many choices when it comes to selecting a cutting board. There is quite a debate about whether a wood or plastic cutting board is best. Remember, wooden cutting boards will bear knife marks in them eventually. On the other hand, plastic cutting boards dull your knife quickly.

As you generally graduate to becoming a gourmet pro, there are other gourmet kitchen tools you might consider purchasing such as paring knifes, cleavers, bagel cutter, carving knife, fillet knife, utility knifes, deep fryer, waffle iron, hand blender, thermometer, tongs, whisks, ladles, slow cooker, steamer, food processor, espresso machine, sauté pans, soup pots etc. Chef’s pans form an integral part of gourmet cookware. Though expensive, you can actually save more money buying a set instead of purchasing them piece-by-piece. Finally, when you are prepared to cook outdoors, you have quite a few choices. For instance, you can procure a charcoal grill, propane grill or a natural gas grill. However, be prepared to shell out quite a bit of cash for your gourmet cookware. Haste makes waste – all gourmet tools are not necessary, purchase only the ones you are actually going to use.

If you have that tint of Vincent van Gogh in you, create something original to honor the day. Create your own kitchen masterpieces and save money on brand name cookware. But if you are too lazy, simply shop online for the finest in kitchen accessories and cookware.