Gourmet Cookware: When only the best will do…

Gourmet Cookware: When only the best will do…

Certainly, any 4-star chef must consider copper to be the main element in gourmet cookware. You also see a great deal of ceramic glass used by gourmets, especially in Europe, and France in particular.

Both of these facts are due to not only the superiority of these two products, as far as heat conduction and durability, but they are both more aesthetically pleasing than most other cookware. Lower temperature are appropriate when using either one, so foods would seem to be cooked in a more gentle and healthful way, which would also preserve the taste better.

So much about gourmet cooking and dining is associated with the presentation, that the whole process should be conducted in an atmosphere that is conducive to the elements of finery. There is something so brash about using the terms ‘pots and pans’, so as to conjure up visions of scullery maids and drudgery. One would never use the term gourmet cookware in the same sentence. Whereas fine copper could even be used in beautiful jewelry, and glass could be likened to crystal and china.

When you watch the cooking shows that are rampant on cable television, unless it is a show about 10-minute meals, you will always see the chef’s even using fine little glass bowls to hold the various ingredients. As with most of the finer things in life, both of these types of gourmet cookware require special handling and care. Neither is inexpensive, and you certainly would want them to remain in good condition visually, as well as functionally speaking.

Good ceramic glass in new condition would even look fine on a linen tablecloth or with everyday china. However, at a formal dinner with the best china, it would still seem more appropriate to go through the extra trouble to transfer the food to china or glass serving dishes, even if prepared in fine gourmet cookware.

Even the sound of glass, whether clear or ceramic, has a fine ring to it. One that would go to the expense and effort to create a fine gourmet meal, would want all of the senses to be in tune with lovely vibrations. Fine dining is an art and it should include all the elements of a sensual and creative atmosphere. I can imagine no two elements that would help create this environment than copper and glass gourmet cookware.