Grill Mat - Set of Two - Barbecue Tools
  • Make your food stand out among the crowd at your next party – Even the worst griller will be able to make a 5 Star dish
  • Completely non stick and machine washable – Just use, wash and use again and don’t worry about dropping food through the grate or scraping up your burnt food from the sticky grill
  • Safe to use on all grills up to 450 degrees – Non PTFE for safe non toxic grilling
  • Be prepared to tell all of your friends what your secret to grilling is. They will want to know how you became such a great cook in no time.
  • Hassle Free Money Back Guarantee – If anything goes wrong with your product we will replace it for free
Grill Mat - Set of Two - Barbecue Tools

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Are you really a Grill Master or the burger burner – you need the Grill Kings Grill MatsWhether you’re an weekend backyard grill master or 5 Star Restaurant Chef, The Grill Kings Grill Mat is the secret to preparing the best open flame dishes you’ve ever had.

We scientifically designed the Grill Mat to perform over high heats to keep your food evenly cooked to perfection each time. We can without hesitation, guarantee that once you use our Gill Mats the first time, you will never cook without them again. No matter what your project is, steak, chops, burgers, hot dogs, seafood, vegetable blends or try something totally out of the box and cook a breakfast or pizza. The Grill Kings Grill Mats are totally non-stick giving you a solution to just go outdoor cooking crazy. Oh, and yes, the Grill Mat does still let those distinctive grill marks come through.

The Grill Mats eliminate the sticking, mess and cleanup you normally get stuck with after a great afternoon or evening of backyard enjoyment. Great for cooking direct flame or smoking, this is the best thing to happen to your grilling experience sine you came out of the house and into the backyard.

The Grill Mat, works equally well on Gas or Charcoal grills. Now you can make perfect grilled meals each time, regardless of your experience level and one of the best things is the cleanup. You will no longer need to scrub the grill after cooking, what a buzz kill. Since the Grill Mats are machine dish washable, you can just cool and add to the dishwasher when finished cooking.

Our Gill Mats are totally non-toxic, made of PTFE-free nonstick fabric and are safe for all foods. Enough mat space to cook your steaks and your vegetables right next to them. I know your getting hungry so, click now to get your set of the Grill King Grill Mats. All with a Risk Free.

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