Libbey Baker's Basics 3-Piece Glass Casserole Baking Dish Set with Glass Covers

Glass casseroles are always a baker’s delight both for the convenience they provide as well as their health benefits. The Libbey Baker’s Basic three-Piece glass casserole baking dish set is not different. If anything, it adds more of these conveniences with slight tweaks in areas usually overlooked. For example, the addition of robust handles in all three pieces means you can easily carry and move them, especially when they are hot. All three casseroles come with well-fitting lids again with their handles. You can bake and steam anything without any worry of spillover. It also means you can now cook all those recipes that require you to cover the dish. The lids also help keep the food warm.

Libbey uses unique glass construction, which gives this set versatility and makes the pieces safe for use in the oven, microwave, refrigerator, and freezer. The three casseroles are safe for oven use for up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. They come in the three most popular sizes giving you several options for your cooking needs. You have a 3.2 -quart dish (3 liters), a 2-quart dish (1.9 liters), and a 1-quart dish (0.9 liters). You can easily switch from baking large to making salads and other small snacks without struggling for the right-sized container. The diameter and depth dimensions for the three dishes are;

· Small dish – 6 inches diameter by 2inches depth

· Medium dish – 8 inches diameter by 3 inches depth

· Large dish- 10 inches diameter by 3¼ inches depth

You enjoy further convenience in using the dish since they are stackable, making storage easy without taking much space, especially in the refrigerator. The glass material of the casseroles is also easy to clean and dishwasher safe, so maintenance is a breeze. With clear sides, you can keep track of your baking, and the clarity also adds style to your food presentation. The thick glass also adds durability to the dishes enabling them to withstand frequent use and some rough handling.

The Libbey Baker’s Basics 3-Piece Glass Casserole Baking Dish Set does call for some careful handling, though. You cannot use it on an electric stove as it will explode. While you can have it in the freezer, it is not advisable to move it from the freezer direct to the microwave or even oven as the sudden temperature change will cause it to crack. Besides that, this is a dependable, classy, and very much needed addition to your kitchen.