Pre Seasoned cast iron skillet pan is among the most sought-after deep cast iron pans. The pan will offer you the easiest way for you to prepare delicious meals and get to experience cast iron cooking. It is one of the highest-rated cast iron skillets. The review will give you all the information that makes this cast iron pan special.


Features of this pan include:

  • The stainless Knob ensures a sure grip
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Two pouring spouts
  • ·Snugly fit lid cover
  • ·Non-stick coating


  • It is durable due to cast iron
  • It retains heat well and for long
  • ·mIt is non-stick
  • Distributes heat evenly
  • Ergonomic handles for easy handling when hot


  • Fairly a poor conductor of heat
  • It is heavy
  • Handles can get hot


The pre-seasoned iron cast skillet features a very eye-catching design. It is a 12-inch pre-seasoned cast iron skillet for high heating, searing and sautéing. The cast iron skillet features ergonomic handles to help you handle it safely, even when hot. It is shallow enough for high heat searing yet deep enough for slow cooking. It also includes two pouring spouts to pour in either direction conveniently. The cast iron pan features a snugly fit lid cover to endure your food cooking evenly and quickly. It is heavy with thick walls, a pre-seasoned interior, a cast iron core and a pre-seasoned exterior. The pre-seasoned interior ensures the pan remains non-sticky even with those sticky meals.

Heat Conduction

The iron cast pan promises fast and even heat distribution, giving it a good performance on heat induction. However, the thick walls might slow heat conduction, but once the pan is hot, you are good to go for longer.

Heat Retention

As for most iron cast skillets, the pre-seasoned iron cast skillet has high heat retention due to its thick walls. The pan is designed with three layers that keep it running for longer with even heat distribution.

Cooking Performance

The pan boots high cooking performance with high heat retention and fairly good heat conduction with the thick walls. It is favorable for stir fry, baking, searing and deep fry due to its steady and even heat distribution. The wide and shallow pan gives it high heat, searing and sautéing, but the deep cast iron pan is also favorable for slow cooking.


It is 12 inches wide with a capacity of five quarts. The pan is also three inches deep with a six inches long handle for easy handling when it is hot. It weighs up to 14.92 pounds.


The primary material of the pre-seasoned skillet pan is cast iron. It also features an enamel coat on the cast iron. The interior and exterior are Pre-seasoned, making them non-sticky.


We all know what to expect from an iron cast pan regarding durability. The thick walls give the pan high durability. You don’t have to worry about using your heavy metal spoon or steel; as opposed to regular non-stick pans, this pan is durable to use with any spoon and does not easily get scratched.

Frequently Bought With

The pre-seasoned iron cast skillet has been frequently purchased alongside the Cuisinart CTG-003MS set of three fine mesh strainers, one stainless steel. Giving us the idea it is the most convenient for deep frying.


The Pre-seasoned iron cast skillet pan comes in different colors ranging from Black, duke blue, Fire red, grey, matte green, blue, pumpkin orange, purple and turquoise. You have several colors to make the best choice.


Is the Pre-Season Cast Iron Skillet Dishwasher Safe?

No, it is not dishwasher safe, but using light soap and warm water is recommended to clean it. It is easy to clean due to its non-stick interior and exterior.

Does it have a non-stick coating?

Yes, this deep iron cast pan features a pre-seasoned non-stick enamel coating.

Can it be used on induction and oven safe?

Yes, the iron cast skillet is oven-safe with up to 500 degrees. It is also safe on induction, stovetop, gas and electric cookers.

Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet is one of the best iron cast skillets for you to purchase. Due to their superior heat retention, 12-inch pre-seasoned non-stick interior, high heating searing and sautéing, elegant design, even heat distribution, and not forgetting large five-quart jumbo capacity. I hope this article will be of help in making your purchase decision.