In a kitchen where meal is cooked several times a day a cookware set is indispensable. Whether you have to meal prep for a big family, or run a restaurant with a large and demanding kitchen, this stainless steel set of pans and pots will make your cooking experience easier, improve the quality of food, and cut the prep time significantly. Check out the following features to understand why this cookware set is your best choice.


  1. A variety of 12 cookware items for any kind of meal prep

The stainless steel cookware set includes 12 pieces that allow you prepare more meals at once and cook different dishes for a delicious full-course dinner or lunch for your family or restaurant guests. You get a 8-inch fry pan that comes alongside a 10-inch fry pan that helps you cook for more guests. Then you receive a 5-quart Sauté pan for preparing delicious pasta, pies, and stews.

The set includes also 3 sauce pans of different sizes – 1.5 quart, 2 quart and 3 quart – which can be used simultaneously when you cook more meals at once, or indepentendly depending of how much food you have to prepare. The whole set is complemented with a large stock pot to help you prepare savory stocks for your family and guests.

  1. Three layers of metal for increased heat conductivity

Each piece has triple layered structure consisting of a stainless steel inside coating, a stainless steel outside coating, and an aluminium layer in the middle aimed to speed up the heating. This combination allows spread the heat evenly and cook the ingredients equally well and delicious.

  1. Stainless steel lids

To ensure that heat does not escape the vessels, you receive durable stainless steel lids for each cookware piece. The lids are sealed perfectly, impeding heat from breaking free and compromise the food preparation. Moreover, the reliably locked lids allow to preserve the nutrients, ensuring that your guests enjoy a healthy food.

  1. Convenient and durable handles

Each cookware piece is equipped with a heavy-duty handle made of stainless steel that provides a firm grip and does not bend or break off under high pressure. So if you are cooking large amounts of food, you can use the handle boldly to change the location of pots or pans. Similarly, the handle serves as a reliable support when mixing the ingredients.

  1. Resistant to extreme heat

The stainless steel cookware set boasts an excellent resistance to heat, being available for use on any type of cooktops. Unlike traditional cookware, this set is compatible even with the extreme temperatures of the oven, being able to resist up to 500 F/260 C without melting or losing shape.

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