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Cast Aluminum Magnalite Cookware

Cajun 6.7-Quart Aluminum Dutch Oven Pot with Lid – Oven-Safe Round Caldero – Nickel-Free Soup Pot

Price Check Price Color Model Warranty Brand Cajun Cookware Features Made from Premium Aluminum – Choose only the highest-quality Dutch oven for cooking your kitchen. For Indoor & Outdoor Cooking – Versatile Dutch oven cookware for boiling, frying, baking, & searing! Quicker Cleaning & Cooking – Experience no downtime with Cajun’s nickel-free & oven-safe soup …

The History of Magnalite Cookware
articles Cast Aluminum Magnalite Cookware

The History of Magnalite Cookware

Magnalite cookware (cast aluminum cookware) has been around since 1934. Another name for the original design is WagnerWare. It is very durable and is made so from the casting process of magnesium/aluminum alloy. It has a bright, shiny appearance and conducts heat very well. However, beware of knock-off parts that claim to be Magnalite cookware. …