VISIONS Glass Cookware Review

VISIONS Glass Cookware Review

Glass cookware has several benefits over metal or ceramic. Maybe the best advantage of cooking with glass is that it’s a relatively poor heat conductor. This means that a glass dish would heat up more evenly than other materials, thus cooking your food more evenly. Additionally, glass cookware retains heat for much longer, making such dishes excellent to serve from. Simply take them out of the oven, and put them on the table!

Another advantage is that many glass dishes can be used both in an oven and on a stove. So, if for example you have a recipe that calls for both baking and sautéing, you can conveniently use the same dish for both (that said, not all glass cookware is stovetop (or broiler) safe, so be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions).

One last benefit of glass cookware is that it simply looks good. Glass dishes can be either colorless and fully transparent, or they may come in a large variety of colors. Either way they look excellent in any kitchen, and are especially good at making food look appetizing. They’re also easy to clean, and are generally more eco-friendly and chemical-free.

A glass cookware set is an important component of any modern kitchen. Keep reading to learn more about the VISIONS 5-piece glass dutch oven set – one of the best glass cookware sets for sale online.

VISIONS 5-Piece Glass Dutch Oven Set

This set of VISIONS glass cookware is versatile, sturdy, safe, and convenient. This premium quality set – which includes two large stewpots with lids, and one casserole dish without a lid – can be used for any number of purposes. Unlike lower quality glassware, these dishes may be safely used under a broiler or on a stovetop – glass or metal, gas or electric. They can also be used to serve food, and even to freeze it (although we recommend that you let the dish cool down first).

Besides its versatility, this VISIONS glass cookware set is also robust and long-lasting. Made of a non-porous ceramic glass, these dishes won’t stain, absorb flavors, or react with acidic foods. This makes them ideal for any kind of water-based cooking. They’re also very easy to maintain, and are dishwasher-safe.


  • 5 liter (5.2 quart) stewpot with lid
  • 2.25 liter (2.3 quart) stewpot with lid
  • 1.25 liter (1.3 quart) casserole dish without a lid.
  • Non-porous ceramic glass material.
  • Made in France.

Pros and Cons


  • Oven, broiler, stovetop, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe.
  • Can be used on both electric and gas stoves.
  • Stain, flavor, and odor resistant.
  • Look good, can be used to serve food.


  • Certain foods may stick.
  • Pricier than metal or ceramic alternatives.


This VISIONS glass cookware set is a high quality, multi-purpose, long-lasting product. These dishes would be an excellent addition to any kitchen – from a bachelor pad’s to a restaurant’s. While more of an investment compared to metal or ceramic options, the quality is accordingly higher. With these dishes you’ll get food that’s cooked perfectly evenly, and looks amazing. Whether you’re a home cook or a professional chef, this glass dutch oven set is a must-have.

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