Cooksmark: High-Quality Cookware

Did you know that your kitchen is the heart of your home? That is the reality. You should outfit it to serve every need and the decorating themes. Selecting the best ceramic cookware can be a daunting experience. That is the main reason Cooksmark Brand exists. The brand consists of ceramic, aluminium, copper and non-stick cookware. The cookware is nontoxic but might be more expensive than the other types of cookware in the market. It does not require any seasoning like the stoneware or cast iron when using it in the oven.

Cooksmark Cookware is lead-free, non-stick PTFE-PFOA-cadmium-free and dishwasher safe.

The pans come in various shapes, sizes and colors, which include green, black and white. You can purchase the cookware as a set or individual pieces. A quick example, the 10-piece set includes 9.5 inches and 8-inches pan with a lid. It also includes 3.5 quarts and 1.5-quart saucepan with lid. The lids tempered glass with knobs or handles on the top. The handles are safe for every cooking function and heat resistant.

If you care about where the food you eat comes from, you should also care about the cookware you use to prepare your meals. Here are some of the materials to expect when shopping for Cookmarks cookware.


Ceramic is the newest surface material in the market of non-stick cookware. Most people consider it to be the safest and the most environmentally friendly option. Cooksmark ceramic comes with several benefits. First, it is non-sticking, which means you should not use more oils or butter than necessary. Moreover, the cookware has no metals to leach into the food you prepare. Due to the far-infrared cooking technology, the food will cook from both the inside and outside at the same time.

The cookware does not retain bacteria, odours or bad tastes. If you enjoy using very high temperatures when preparing your meals, the pans will withstand that without burning or cracking. They are easier to clean; they do not scratch or produce toxins. You will also forget about the hand washing because they are dishwasher safe.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the other material used to make Cooksmark cookware. The manufacturer adds nickel and chromium to steel, therefore making it is anti-corrosive. You will find the material in some of the best pans that the manufacturer supplies because it is attractive and more durable. They also use it as the interior surface of pans because it does not react with the alkaline or acidic foods and does not scratch easily. The quality is good and you will always get pure food after a preparation process. It does not discolor the food or add metallic flavors.

Because stainless steel is a bad conductor of heat and would make a bad pan when used alone, the manufacturer bonds use it along with other conductive metals like copper, and aluminium. The resulting pans are practical and versatile. They are attractive, durable and a good choice.


Copper stands as the best heat conductor. The material heats faster and evenly and it will cool down immediately the cook removes it from the heat source. That alone provides the user with much control over the heat application. However, the manufacturer cannot use copper alone when making cookware due to its reactivity with the acids and natural minerals in food. In other words, it can add yellow tints and metallic tastes to the foods when cooking. That is the key reason Cooksmark cookware is lined with non-reactive metals like stainless steel.


Pure aluminum is another material that conducts heat effectively. When strengthened with copper, magnesium and other metals, it makes light and more responsive cookware. Natural aluminum reacts with some acidic foods and imparts a metallic taste in addition to dull grey tints. To address the issue, Cooksmarks pieces are lined with non-stick coatings, stainless steel or clad. They also go through anodization – a process that hardens the surfaces and adds a dark grey color. The result is attractive, durable and easier to clean surfaces.

Non-stick Surfaces

Non-stick surfaces are easier to clean and lend themselves to healthier cooking. The cook uses a minimal amount of oil and butter or can avoid it to maintain the lifespan and good performance of the non-stick surfaces. The surfaces will only work properly when intact and once you scratch or scuff them something will start going downhill.

You should never use your metal utensils on the non-stick surfaces – use the heat safe materials like silicone, nylon, and wood. Regardless of the non-stick material you select, you should never use excessive heat.

The manufacturer recommends the use of a sponge or a soft plastic brush when cleaning to prevent damages. Moreover, you should not stack the non-stick together because the metal bottoms may scratch the non-stick surfaces. If stacking them is necessary, possibly due to inadequate space, use soft cloth liners or paper towels between them. They require special treatment to last.

Here are some of the Cooksmark cookware products to try.

Cooksmark 10-inch Non-stick Omelette Fry Pan

The Cooksmark 10-Inch Non-stick Omelette Fry Pan comes with a try-layer non-stick coating that offers effortless food release and facilitates preparation of healthier diets with minimal butter, fat or oil. It is lead/cadmium free for healthier cooking; it is scratch resistant and suitable for heavy usage.

The durable three-layer construction ensures even heat retention and distribution without any hotspots. The wide and flat stainless steel bottom will heat up rapidly and offer adequate room for cooking. The double riveted handle is the other important layer you will realize. It remains cool during food preparation. It is safe for stovetops like induction hob. Supports 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cooksmark Copper Pan

The Cooksmark Copper Pan features a non-stick coating. The non-stick ceramic copper coating allows easier sliding of food. It is wear-resistant, durable and 100 percent safe. The FDA and NSF have already approved the ceramic copper coating, which reduces the need for extra oil.

The aluminium core allows optimal distribution of heat and allows easier release performance. It is dishwasher safe and can withstand around 450 degrees F of heat. It is suitable for stovetops such as electric, gas, and induction. The dual-riveted stainless steel handle offer easier and comfortable grip when preparing meals. The hanging loop allows convenient storage after use.

10-Piece Pots and Pans Set

Cooksmark Brand provides porcelain enamel cookware, which they make with 3mm forged aluminium bottoms. The aluminium bottoms are thicker than the typical 2.5 mm cookware in the current market. Due to the thickness, they resist warping effectively and provide more even heat when cooking. The set consists of a 9.5 inch frying pan, 8-inch frying pan, 3.5 quarts covered skillet, 2.9 quarts covered saucepan, 1.3 quarts covered saucepan, and a 4.7 quart covered casserole. Its copper finish will definitely make a statement with any kitchen décor.

The durable and more efficient non-stick cookware is one of the items you will need when preparing quick delicious meals. Its non-stick interior does not have lead, PTFE, PFOA or cadmium. When cooking, you should be ready to use fewer oils and butter for your healthier lifestyle. The copper exterior will resist scratching and will enhance the appearance of any modern or traditional kitchen. You can use the cookware for glass, gas and electric stoves but not the induction ones.

With the kitchen cookware, you will forget everything about hand washing because you will just need to load the cookware into your dishwasher. Use them in your oven up to around 392 degrees F – not hot than that.

Use the cookware to sauté, sear, brown, fry, braise, stew, boil, stir-fry, and simmer. You will always get delicious and perfect crispy fried chicken, liver and onions, southern fried catfish, crumb topped tilapia and chicken and noodles without sticking.

The manufacturer dual rivets the handles to the pans. The handles have comfortable grips, which will never get hot. The ceramic interior prevents metallic tastes and ensures natural food flavors. The surfaces of these pans will never flake off, which is the case to expect with Teflon. The tempered glass lids featuring aluminium handles and the stainless steel ring bands, which hold the glass securely, you will be able to cook easily. The tightly fitting lid allows you to watch everything that you are looking without letting the steam escape.

Cooksmark Copper Pot 10 Inch Non-stick Pan Induction Pan

The ergonomic hand design of the Cooksmark Copper Non-stick Pan comes with an ergonomic handle design, a light handle, comfortable grip, and non-slip heat insulation, handle and body. The manufacturer uses seven layers of energy saving composite, which facilitates faster heat conduction and energy saving. The Bionic lotus non-stick technology allows easier cleaning on both the inside and outside. Expect lower smoke, higher temperatures, and even heat conduction when preparing your meals.

In Conclusion

Cooksmark Brand offers safe and durable cookware for home and professional use. Most of the products allow the use of little oil and are durable. You should take good care of your non-stick surfaces cookware because they will only work when intact.